rugby world cup 2015

The problem/opportunity.  To help make the Rugby World Cup 2015, the most digital global sports event ever.

The solution.  By adding useful, fun and engaging content to traditionally analogue channels, we were able to add value to the fan’s experience of the competition throughout their journey. From exclusive match previews from some of the game’s biggest stars and 3D stadium experiences and seat-views straight off the tickets, to RWC selfies, trivia games and tournament guides from traditional print collateral, we added digital content to as many ‘consumer touch-points’ as possible.

The result was over 300,000 interactions over the duration of the competition – engaging with 13.6% of the target audience and features in the Metro, Telegraph and Guardian reporting on “Rugby’s digital revolution”.

Roles.  I was the Creative Director, Art Director and UX Designer with UI design by Tom Henchman. Development and build was lead by Jeff Kershaw. 3D modelling was lead by Milen Piskuliyski. Directing and Videography by Matt Banyard and Otis Woodger.