Heineken – Legendary 7

The problem/opportunity.  Heineken wanted an innovative way to talk to its consumers about their efforts to become a truly sustainable and environmentally friendly brewery.

The solution.  Together with Cloud Factory – Heineken’s lead creative agency in Amsterdam – we developed the ‘Legendary 7’ AR campaign. This experience tells the story of seven legendary Heineken farmers directly from every bottle, beermat or bar towel. A tongue in cheek narrative, with a serious message and regularly updated content, it allows the consumer to keep tabs on Heineken’s efforts to become at least 50% sustainable by 2020. It offers the opportunity to take and share selfies to spread the word and also gives access to specific data and reports of the companies continuing efforts.

Roles.  I was the Creative Director at Blippar, Oliver Teepe was the Creative Director at Cloud Factory. I was also the UX designer. Illustrations were by Aniek Bartels. Blipp development and build were by Jeff Kershaw.

Promotional Video:

Augmented Reality: