canon – irista app

The problem/opportunity.  Canon asked us to do a full review and audit of their Irista service and app and make improvements to the user experience and the interface where we could.

The solution.  The main place we felt the app was failing was in its ability to sort and search for specific images and moments.

We added a host of functions, including ‘auto albums’ – buy date, colour, location, theme, etc; drag-and-drop function to create new custom albums; an ‘auto-select best image’ function where multiple versions of near-identical images are found; intelligent auto-tagging and quick search functions – including audio search functions; auto-image-correct suggestions; and a social network element, allowing users to follow and join photography groups with similar interests. We created a clean new interface that is intuitive to use and remained on-brand for Canon and Irista.

Roles.  I was the lead UX and UI designer.

a year in photgraphy