j2o – midnight editions

The problem/opportunity.  To move the J2O brand away from being seen as a child’s or the ‘designated drivers’ drink of choice and make it feel more like a “interesting adult drink”.

The solution.  An engaging experience right off the product that places the brand in a mysterious, fairytale world of masquerade balls and enchanted fantasy. Giving the consumer access to alcoholic drink recipe ideas using the product, a “magic mirror” function to create fun sharable selfies, and two competition mechanics to drive repeat use and engagement.

Roles.  I was the Creative Director and UX designer. The Art Direction and UI design was by Annie Keogh. 3D modelling, development and build was by Jeff Kershaw. Directing and motion graphics by Matt Banyard. Editing by Otis Woodger.

Promotional Video:

Augmented Reality: