Richie Wykes Ltd offers hands-on digital Product Design services including UX and UI design, Interaction design and prototyping, organising and scripting focus groups and usability studies, testing, results analysis and product refinement.

As a designer and creative I have always had a passion for getting the most from what technology can do and creating that perfect blend of beautiful creative and intuitive, useful – even life-changing – products. I have created apps, websites, Augmented Reality and immersive digital experiences for world-leading tech companies and globally renowned brands. I have worked in many different sectors, including Travel & Leisure, Healthcare, Finance, Automotive, Entertainment, Social Media and FMCG.

I also have experience as an Advertising Creative working on TV, print, radio, digital and fully-integrated campaigns with some of the biggest advertising agencies in London, creating several award winning campaigns along the way.

Because different contracts and clients have me working in different roles, I’ve made sure that my contribution to each project is clearly stated – and where I can, I’ve said who did everything else.

I love great ideas that use technology to make life better for the user. I love genuinely user-centric design with pixel-perfect, beautiful UIs where every detail is thought through. I love attention to detail in interaction design that makes using a product a delight. And I love working with like-minded people who want to make great work.

Richie Wykes, Director and Product Designer at Richie Wykes Ltd


If you’ve read enough and you like the idea of working with me, or you want to meet for a chat then email me and I’m sure we can arrange something. Who knows it might be the start of something amazing!