Chiltern ‘ninja’ – train travel app

The problem/opportunity.  Consumer trust in train operators to offer transparency and find the best fare for a journey is low. The way we book, pay for and use train tickets hasn’t progressed much in the last decade so we saw a real opportunity to revolutionise the rail industry, improve user experience and gain consumer confidence.

The solution.  By approaching the problem from the opposite end to traditional solutions, we realised that if the customer paid for their ticket retrospectively – after they’ve completed a full week’s worth of journeys – we could guarantee they pay the best fare by finding them the cheapest combination of tickets that would cover all their trips. We wanted to create the ultimate travel companion that made train travel as easy as possible at all times.

The solution we envisioned required building an entirely new app that was able to track a user, determine not just if they were on a train, but what train they were on, where they were going and then search for possible ticket prices. I wanted to create something that looked and behaved nothing like existing train apps. The app would act as the user’s ticket and allow them to enter and exit stations using any of the existing barcode technologies and also introduce an entirely new bluetooth gate interface, allowing the user to go through a gate without even taking their phone out of their pocket. It would also allow users to search train departures, get live travel updates, and display a history of all of their journeys and fare prices. Working in a small, agile team we were able to take a quick, iterative approach to design, prototype and build, meaning the app was changing and improving as quickly as we were getting user feedback.

Roles.  I was the UX and UI designer. I created all in-app illustrations and animations. I organised and scripted usability research sessions.

UX sketches and Wireframes

UI designs