Talc – Ticket Calculator

The Problem/opportunity. For millions of shift-workers, Contractors and flexi-time staff all over the UK, working out the best-value ticket for each months train travel can be complicated and frustrating. Many will over-buy (purchasing a full monthly season ticket when it’s not needed) or will over-pay (by buying individual daily or weekly tickets).

The Solution. Created purely as a POC – and as part of a one week innovation sprint, Talc is the ticket calculator that takes the hard work and uncertainty out of buying your monthly train tickets. You simply tell Talc the stations you are travelling between and the days you intend to travel and it will ‘talculate’ your best value combination of tickets. You can then select the option you want to buy and purchase them right there in the app.

Roles. I was the Product Designer. The front-end was built by David Miller (in Flutter) and the back-end developer was Peter Nociar.

UX Wireframes

UI Designs