the glenlivet – ritual serves

The problem/opportunity.  To convince the marketing directors at the annual Pernod Ricard conference (held on their private island!) that the new idea for serving The Glenlivet Whiskey is worth investing in  – and to stand out on a weekend full of hand-outs, presentations and leaflets.

The solution.  Taking the idea that the new ‘ritual serves’ enrich the flavour and puts an ‘experience in every drop’, each person at the meeting was presented with a box containing three 3D printed whiskey drops each containing a diorama depicting the experience created by drinking the whiskey in this way. Along with the drops, were  an explanation of what each ritual involved was included in each drawer. The box had one of the highest levels of retention at the conference, with some recipients keeping the drops to be coasters, paper weights and even christmas tree decorations!  The idea was bought by 6 of the marketing directors and the  promotion is going ahead in their regions.

Roles.  I was the creative and art director. Copy was by Polo Chakraborty. The awesome illustrations were done by Garry Milne.




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