street stories

The problem/opportunity.  Depaul UK wanted to find a way of challenging the belief that homeless people are there because they are lazy or didn’t want to help themselves – and of course to raise money for the charity.

The solution.  We created a site for the Depaul that told genuine stories of 5 homeless people by getting famous street artist to create original pieces of work. The site allowed the user to see the artwork, read the stories in full, watch video interviews and most importantly – purchase limited edition prints of the work. The result was 100% of prints were sold.
£12,000 raised through the sales alone, which paid for 800 nights in emergency accommodation for vulnerable homeless kids. The campaign cost just £2,784 to produce, representing a 331% ROI. The campaign was picked up by online and mainstream media including the BBC News. 54 million media impressions.

Roles.  Initial look and feel was by the very talented Paul Sparrow. I took over when I became Design Director and completed the design of the project . The lead developer was Richard Nelson. The creative team were Jo and Steve.



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