about me

I’m a Senior Digital Designer (both UX & UI) and Integrated Creative. I have experience in most media but have a really strong digital background. Over the years I have worked on above-the-line, online and integrated campaigns for lots of global brands at some of the biggest ad agencies and tech companies in London.  I’ve been a Creative Director, Creative Group head, Digital Design Director and Lead UX/UI designer. Fairly uniquely, I have a large amount of experience in AR (Augmented Reality) from my time as Creative Director at Blippar. I’ve designed apps from scratch and improved the UX and UI of existing ones.

Because I work in different roles, I’ve made sure that my contribution to each project is clearly stated – and where I can, I’ve said who did everything else.

I love great ideas that make sense for the brand, the product, and the market and I love to see them executed well. I love new technology but hate it when it’s used needlessly. I hate hashtags*. I love pixel perfect designs where every detail is thought through. I love working with like-minded people who want to make great work.


If you’ve read enough and you like the idea of working with me, or you want to meet for a chat then email me and I’m sure we can arrange something. Who knows it might be the start of something amazing!

 *A lot of people have asked me about my “I hate hashtags” statement. For the record – I don’t hate hashtags as a method of tagging, collating or searching for content or conversations, or have anything against the platforms that have made them so prevalent. I dislike them as a substitute for an actual creative idea… the lazy assumption that by sticking a #endline on an ad, you’ve created something ‘viral’ or somehow decided what the public will talk about. It’s become the ‘creative’ answer to the cliche “make me a viral” brief.